The automatic powder gun differentiates itself through its quick setup and changeover times, long life, easy maintenance and precise powder output. The capsule-like covering of the high voltage cascade (100,000 volts) ensures electrical breakdown protection, ruggedness, and maximum safety in potentially explosive environments. Powder build-up on the device is reduced by the drop-shaped gun shaft and a seamless and streamlined construction enables quick color changes by blowing off the over sprayed powder.
Positioned between the shaft and rear of the gun, the metal insert is both a design feature and functional element – excess free ions are dissipated through the grounded metal insert preventing damage to plastic components.
With adaptable rear parts, fixing and quick release systems, the automatic gun is flexible and can be modified to meet specific requirements.
The resulting reduction in the number of components and the simple axial structure of the gun allow its final assembly to be undertaken in our Swiss facilities.

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