This is a multifunctional range finder which can be used by professional engineers, designers, ordinary consumers who like to decorate or make furniture by themselves, etc This product, combining three measuring tools with different ranges (ruler, tape and range finder) can get various measurements from a pen to a building with the function as a spirit level meanwhile, which can be rated as the Swiss Army Knife of measuring tools. Its functions consist of four modules.1: the 10 cm long ruler module at the side of the product ;2: the 1 m long tape module on the inside of the product; 3: the laser ranging module with the effective measuring distance of 30 m at the top of the product;4: the rubber protective cover with the filter pervious to light that is installed before the ranging module, realizing the function transfer between ranging and laser leveling. The functional design of four-in-one largely reduces consumers’ purchasing cost. The framework of the entire product uses aircraft grade aluminum with the cover of impact resistant rubber material. The product can be used in various harsh environments, which is portable and small with little chance of losing it.

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