The goal of the MTT plastic wire stripper design is to create a new age tool which is safer, lighter, and more comfortable than previous tools we are accustom to out on the market.

By replacing the metal material with the use of modern industrial plastics, not only we were able to match the strength and durability needed for the task, but also provided better electrical insulation properties for the safety of the users and the abilities to“shape”the product.

Because of the manufacturability of plastics, we were able to design the product with the correct size and contour for a more comfortable user experiences without complicated manufacture processes. The ring feature designed at the trigger finger provides better point of force application and further helps the product from slipping when working in a high-rised working environment.

Simple and easily replaceable blade specially designed, keeping the tool sharp and effective for the needs of professional tradesman and preventing the need to buy or change for a new tool every so often.

Resulting in a long lasting tool which is safer and more friendly to the users through our choice of materials and design.

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