Equipped with industrial leading technologies like full lamination, and capacitive touch, Mitcorp Touch Videoscope makes Mitcorp’s 1st touch panel industrial Videoscope irresistible and outstanding. Full lamination makes inspection under outdoor direct sunshine possible and smart phone capacitive touch provide easy operation. The streamlined and robust design and intuitive interface provide a brand new friendly users experience. Snapshot, video recording, brightness control and zoom in/zoom out functions are for daily and frequent inspections. Furthermore, embedded functions designed for special and advanced inspection: Clarity for edge sharpness, negative+ for high contrast result, and white balance for color temperature adjustment. Users can also share instant images and data through SKYPE communications. Joystick design 360 articulation probe built with stainless steel to challenge tough inspections, the flexible tip can reach unpredictable areas with its durable water proof and rusty resistant.

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