MC18BL of Keyang Electric Machinery is a smart all-in-one multi cutting system. It was designed for the construction applications, and easily cuts any material (woods, plaster, tiles, metals and concrete) from any angle. This is very useful as it is easily used in sensitive cases including a tough-to-cut angle and a tiny opening. MC18BL uses oscillation to make various blades finely vibrate and effectively cut materials. Furthermore, this multi-cutter cuts any material used to build a lightweight structure such as tiles, woods, concrete, steels and plaster with broad-ranged accessories, and even sands the surface when a sanding system is mounted. All accessories are easily replaceable using the QCB (Quick Change Blade) handle on the top of MC18BL. This product was designed considering experiences and working conditions of users. The slim form factor provides a comfortable grip even in long-time use, and the LED light enables use in low-light conditions. Most notably, its new and young design identity was completed with a slim form factor and a sophisticated look and feel, which is differentiated with the rough designs of existing solutions.

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