When developing new products, Wiha focusses closely on user requirements and is now launching its latest innovation, the LiftUp 26one® magazine bit holder, an indispensable assistant for every day. With thirteen double bits, it offers 26 of the most common drive profiles in one single tool. It saves space and weight, as well as time, since it is possible to select, remove, and return bits at the mere touch of a button.

“Inner values are indeed important, but outer ones are equally as vital”
The modern, innovative packaging design adds the final touch to the product “LiftUp 26one®”. This packaging both protects and “stages” or presents the “26one®” to optimum effect with its high quality, yet natural appearance. With a clear focus on the product, its special packaging design provides both country-specific information and customer-friendly communication of product benefits. The 26one® brand is thus synonymous with a high-quality overall concept for the customer. Right from the beginning the customer is engaged by a user-focused packaging and is assisted in the long term, due to appreciable advantages of the product.

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