Electromechanical Crimping Tool Klauke „micro“

Easy – fast – effort-saving

The Klauke micro combines the advantages of mechanical and hydraulic crimping tools in just one single tool.
•Weight and speed: Light in weight and as fast as a mechanical crimping tool
•Force and technical power: Using the 10.8V Li-Ion drive technology the tool is equally powerful as a hydraulic crimping tool.
•Featuring the world-wide unique “PowerSense function”: The intuitive and easy-to- use “PowerSense function” guarantees the fast and safe positioning of the connector. With a slight initial tightening of the operating lever the connecting material can be positioned manually while a pull through of the lever initializes the motor power crimping
•Universal application: The use of the exchangeable crimping dies of the Klauke “50series” provides the user with a broad range of applications.
•Easy handling: Everything works easier, faster and effort-saving.

Due to the perfect symbiosis of the different tool technologies and the innovative “PowerSense function” the Klauke micro marks the beginning of a new crimp era.

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