The fitting of door handles and latches is traditionally a skilled and timely process, typically taking a professional installer 20 minutes. The Jigtech Pro offers a significantly quicker installation process reducing the time by up to 75%, meaning the process can now be completed in under 5 minutes. The Jigtech Pro Jig is integral to the smart door handle fitting system, combined with Jightech’s latches, fast fit door handles and keeps.

Designed to work on various door thicknesses, the Jig features an adjustable latch bore and self-centering clamp that quickly marks out and guides drilling, whilst the intuitive backset adjuster allows the user to easily switch between the 2 latch length settings. The system efficiently maximizes drilled holes for installation, eliminating any need for laborious marking out. The robust design, intuitive use, improved accuracy and time saving benefits make the system appealing to contractors and professionals fitting multiple doors on a regular basis, and DIY users with limited or no experience of fitting doors.

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