The iOX5 is a hybrid laser that was specially designed for the drywall construction, and combines the advantages of both a point- as well as a line-laser. In close cooperation with professional craftsmen, SOLA has developed a unique panoramic view of the laser line that optimally supports the specific working needs of drywall construction craftsmen. Together with the elaborate drywall adapter, which enables a quick alignment of the spatial structure, and the flexible universal mount for suspended ceilings, the iOX5 can facilitate a considerably faster and more precise attainment of the final work result. The modern SOLA Li-Ion battery enables an exceptionally long operating time and a user-friendly operating concept: the entire range of laser lines will be provided to the craftsman through just a single switch. The iOX5 is a measuring device that indicates precision, ruggedness and practicability through its compact, easy-grip design and its deliberately technically-inspired form language.

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