Together with leading tool brand Hultafors, Veryday has used their 40 years of experience with people-driven, research-based innovation to completely overhaul the design of the clamp; a vital part of every professional’s toolbox. During the extensive research process, users expressed frustration with the bulky build of existing products. The many plastic parts and extra functions are rarely used and actually weaken the main function of the clamp, shortening the life span of the product and making it difficult to be precise in tight spaces. The QCX, on the other hand, is a uniquely slim yet durable clamp with an ergonomic grip – and it needs only one hand to be used. This frees up the user’s other hand for holding things in place or keeping a steady grip. Rather than a standard detachable plastic jaw, the QCX features a steel fixed jaw which makes it both strong and durable. The resulting thin tip of the jaw can be used in narrow places, allowing for a greater range of uses than any other similar product. This is a great example of design that innovates through simplification, and is truly tailored to the needs of demanding professionals.

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