Leading tool manufacturer Hultafors came to Veryday, an agency with over 40 years of experience in designing for craftsmen, with the goal of creating a user-friendly yet still affordable hand saw. The HBX saw has been developed through a process of countless user tests and prototypes, enabling us to define what users expect of their saws and the frustrations felt when using existing products.
The heart of the saw is the interchangeable blade system, with a design so straightforward that it doesn’t cost more than a standard saw. The user can easily keep extra blades at hand and so never have to worry about a blade going dull. Users also expressed the need to lessen friction and reach tighter spaces, so we created a unique slim tip for extra flexibility as well as a new coating with extremely low friction that lasts throughout the life of the blade. To protect fingers and lengthen the life of the saw, we added an industry leading blade guard. These are often flimsy and simple, but the HBX guard’s unique features invite long-term use. With the HBX we have addressed all user needs when it comes to a good saw – durability, flexibility, and safety – without demanding a higher price.

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