The handiest giraffe ever’ – keeping this goal in our minds we developed an ergonomic and innovative product. The balanced feeling when you take it in your hands is unique. Besides our very clear handling concept the shape of our grip pipe has also been optimized – the pipe is used as an essential grip position – a smaller cross section and a rounded decent deepening along the middle of the whole pipe guarantee a better grip feel. Furthermore the useful spade grip on the motor case makes working more comfortable than before. You can use this spade grip also for parking the giraffe by leaning the grinding head to the wall and putting the spade to the ground. The extension is very easy to connect and increases the complete working height with 50cm extra height. From now on connecting and disconnecting the vacuum cleaner hose is also essentially easier than before by improving the handling of the already established hose clip system. The new GE 5 R is equipped with a very flexible rotatable grinding head with an open segment. By using the open segment the users are even able to grind not only surfaces but also the long edges of the walls within the same workflow.

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