Carbon fiber spray gun for car refinishing, the lightest professional tool in the industry, made of an aluminum and stainless steel core over injected with carbon it changes completely from traditional aluminum competitors, between 30% and 50% lighter, it offers a significant reduction in weight for this professional tool category without compromising the reliability and the performance maintained by steel and aluminum core mechanics and pneumatics. Lightness for precision and easy to use, more ergonomic through a molded injection unique process design, available with a quick disconnecting digital gauge. Antistatic, heat insulating in case of use with hot thermo regulated compressed air technology.
Machined in one single process by a 5 axis CNC machine to obtain a perfect alignment between nozzle needle and air cap, stainless steel threads on the knob adjustments.
The carbon composite features allow the spray gun to be easily cleaned, automatic washed and even submerged.
products typically used in a body shop.
The spraygun is available in different version HVLP (high volume low pressure) and HTE (high tech efficiency) with performance greater than 70% in transfer efficiency.

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