The passionate gardeners best friend! Designed to look lightweight and agile, trustworthy and fit for its task. The unibody design where the motor, main body and handle have been designed into one, underlines the harmonious well balanced appearance. The trimmer is offered in two different lengths in order to fit a wide variety of body heights. Both the front steady handle and the main handle are perfectly balanced in size and position for the best ergonomic solution. The larger model has a grey front cover piece to differentiate and to obtain an equal colour balance corresponding to the smaller model. The circular form, always present in the strong Gardena brand design heritage, has been elevated as the most important brand design DNA. From large forms such as the motor volume and safety guard down to how details and split-lines are treated. All surfaces are textured for a robust feel, fit for outdoor usage. To emphasize the grip surfaces circular dots are added to them. The products are coloured turquoise on the lower area for better visibility during usage as well as a way of making the product appear more compact. Orange is solely used on interactive parts.

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