The C2 by FLIR is a next-generation camera designed to make infrared technology available to everyone. This breakthrough product is built on consumer insights and a user-centric design process.
The compact C2 has a light-weight and slim format that challenges both industry standards and expectations for a thermal camera. It is made to fit in the hand or pocket.
The C2’s appearance is that of FLIR’s premium dark identity, based on shades of gray and metal. The camera is built to withstand rough environments like construction sites. Durability is important, and the C2 is made of high-quality material. The large display is protected by a TPE bumper that also has feature buttons and dust-proof connectors. The crown jewel of FLIR’s thermal imaging technology is the lens, which has a distinct yet protective design in the signature-styled front. Ergonomic grip areas, distinct buttons, and a handy lanyard attachment point make the C2 a trustworthy companion to keep in your pocket. The user experience includes easy one-hand operation and an interface with focus on optimizing the functionality making the camera intuitive and easy to use, with clean graphics and crisp imaging.

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