The overall design intent of the DEWALT Rotary Laser resonates with the DEWALT visual design language cues. It’s form is made of a central core element with a dual rib frame design and capped off both top and bottom with a simple roll cage style bumper element.

The DEWALT rotary laser stands out above its peers as a leader in combined durability and accuracy in a rotary laser unit. It is capable of withstanding multiple drops at 2 meters without affecting accuracy. It’s unique roll cage design provides a means of protection to the sensitive electronic internals that are housed within. Care was taken in the development process to ensure that at all possible points of impact there was adequate protection to the unit while not interrupting the functionality of the tool itself.

The cage is composed of a Hi Impact PC frame with overmolded urethane foam grips for proper impact absorption. Ergonomics played a key role in grip design, location and tactile feedback as well as proper battery access and keypad design.

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