The DeWALT Ergo-Snips line of aviation snips are result of an extensive study of human ergonomics and mechanics. Tens of prototype iterations have been tested on hundreds of users in context and in the lab environment on various types of materials. Muscle stress data has been collected, evaluated and the design has been optimized to reduce the muscle effort to a minimum while providing easier cuts with all-new compound mechanism. Therefore, the handle span was reduced to minimum without sacrificing the cut length and cut force leverage. The grips have been designed to distribute the pressure evenly in the palm to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Special rubber compound areas have been designed to provide maximum grip. Patented double finger flange geometry for the finger side grip provides user maximum control both when index finger is in between for more leverage and when middle finger is in between for precision cut. The latch was positioned for easy one handed thumb operation and it is captured in between the grips to prevent accidental opening while retrieving it from toolbox or pouch. The blade geometry is sculpted for unobstructed material flow while cutting sheet metal.

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