Working at height nearby sharp edges, there is always the danger that the lifeline fails when falling over the edge. This is even more relevant if the worker is connected on foot level. Until today, nobody is obliged to use extremely resistant material while working at edges. However, this could change soon. The product norm is being reworked on EU-level. The initiative plans to accept lanyards only as “edge rated” if they are tested at edges with a radius of 0.5 mm.

A self-retracting lifeline developed by Capital safety provides even more safety: The Nano-Lok Edge with steel cable has been tested successfully at an edge with a radius of 0.0 mm. The Nano-lok Edge is the first and only self-retracting lifeline, that resists extremely sharp edges. Users feel safe as they know, that in case of an accident the lanyard cannot fail and that there is no potential of a deadly fall. In addition the maximum weight of the user is 141 kg with the Nano-Lok Edge and therefore succeeds the normed weight of 100 kg.

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