Bravode Barcode scanner is suggesting a simple but robust design that could be utilized both retail stores and more heavy-duty retail spaces such as supermarkets. With the design of duo aiming LED function, user can easily target barcode area. Bravode Barcode scanner manages to better blend with functionality and protection as it features both on the top, scanner area and the stud area, 360 degree rubber padding that fully protect the product and create more anti-slip areas between the scanner / table surfaces and ensure the silence of its operation. Equal attention to design detail was given to its cradle. The cradle presents a first-of-its-kind architecture as it holds the scanner from its stud and not from its handle-bar or its head area. With this configuration it allowed a much easier way to tilt the scanner, while on the cradle, on a counter, to achieve optimum angle for desktop scanning; the user can hold the scanner from the handle-bar and if necessary, the user can lift the whole system scanner/cradle with one-hand to access a hard-to-reach barcode from the easily accessible handle-bar.

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