The new Blue Marlin Cutter has what it takes to become a real cult object, and its daring ergonomic fish shape design is bound to send it surfing high up on the wave of success.
The new, high quality Blue Marlin snap-off cutter for 18cm snap-off blades follows on from the concept of the internationally successful Blue Marlin collection. It scores high as a stable professional cutter designed to withstand daily use at the worksite, while providing the perfect synthesis of top quality materials, outstanding functionality and impressive design.

Its elegant fish shape not only attracts the eye, but mostly the hand, thanks to its perfect ergonomics. Its high quality aluminium cast body feels real good to handle, and the side “gills” of non-slip rubber provide extra security. But its most innovative feature is the special automatic stop function: a double sided latching mechanism, for which a patent is pending, which safely blocks the blade in place. The high quality standards of this cutter also apply to its inside, where a stainless steel closing clip substitutes the usual plastic closing clips, and two screws keep the blade holder safely attached to the body.

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