The BLADE BREAKER combines a tool for breaking off cutter blade segments with a collection box for the detached segments. It is suitable for all conventional cutters with break-off segments.

In contrast to the small break off end-piece usually provided with cutters, the BLADE BREAKER assures a safe hold and stronger breaking force, and at the same time, its collection container prevents the random scattering of detached blade segments.

The BLADE BREAKER allows the simultaneous removal of several blade segments, for the case in which cutting has led to more than one dull segment.
There are two insertion openings, for conventional small and large cutter blades. Through the insertion into the opening, the blade is automatically positioned at the correct angle, so that the break-line is parallel to that indicated on the blade.

Thanks to its container, the BLADE BREAKER eliminates the disposal problem for the detached segments. It prevents lose segments from lying around and thus protects not only users, but also bystanders, children and animals.

The collection container leads in the course of time to the accumulation of about 100 grams of high quality steel for one-time recycling.

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