Bosch’s newest high pressure-washer is targeted at the heavy-duty DIY-user, who expects high cleaning power, mobility, convenience and lasting quality to clean farming- or building equipment, off-road vehicles, and large heavily soiled areas. The designers were challenged to develop clever and rugged, but simple to use, storage and transportation facilities for all accessories and equipment, including gun and 3 lances, a choice of nozzles, a foam bottle, cable and hose. The easy-to-retract handle makes the stored product extremely compact, while extending up to 980mm, in order to suit even the tallest of users. Special care was taken in creating a big and stable footprint with a foot-plate to stabilize the machine when coiling the hose. The wheels have been designed to endure rough terrain and feature a proprietary, aggressive, but self-cleaning thread design. A lot of attention has been focused onto the ergonomics of the product. An additional handle helps to lift the washer onto a shelf or truck bed and the gun of the ergonomics have been designed to allow for fatigue-free, prolonged cleaning activity.

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