To improve the work space limitation and operation inconvenience of the current bit holder on use due to the outer diameter is too large. Along with the principal design concept of precision and compactness in art design, the smallest diameter bit holder with lock and powerful magnet in the market, Micro-lock Spin, is developed.

Micro-lock Spin, as its name implies, subjects the bit holder to the optimum design. Discarding the conventional large diameter steel ball structure of bit holder, it can use the most perfect geometric angle to lock bit with the simplest features combined with a dexterous quick release aluminum ring. Since the bit holder features are provided within the shaft and without extra parts outside, it gives operators a good vision to the screws. In addition, with Spin function available up to 1000mm, it provides operators no rotating object in hand and fingers on use. Micro-lock Spin is also very compact, like a strong athlete. Every bit of whose muscle reliably facilitates torque transmission. Whether it is used in a limited space, or meeting the industrial mechanical strength requirement, Micro-lock Spin can easily cope!

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