The second generation of 3Dsimo mini is the product that pushes the boundaries of creativity one step further.
It is a small workshop that fits into a pocket. Functions of basic extensions found in the package are :
1. 3D Drawing
2. Burning
3. Soldering
4. Foam and Plastic cutting.

3Dsimo mini is equipped with automatical identification of each extension, meaning that it will identify the function for extension placed into it.
It can also be connected to a smarphone using bluetooth and our mobile application. The app can then be used to set new material profiles, meaning that the 3Dsimo mini will be able to work with any material coming to the market in the future.
Another great advantage is that our product will never come out of date thanks to the option of updating the Firmware with the application. Thanks to that, it will be possible to use extensions we are currently developing, such as a Drill, Hot air gun, Soldering Iron and many more.

We want to create a product that will allow you to make a working model from plastic parts all the way to electronics in it.
Also it can be used to repair broken things, such as broken headphones or plastic parts of your kids favorite toy.

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