Game Changer
The product name Ai stands for ‘artificial intelligence’. Indeed, the Worx Ai Drill is a revolutionary design that combines three unique technologies never incorporated in a cordless drill before: SafeDrive, BitLock™ and Pulse Assist™. Overdriving screws is the most common issue when operating drill drivers. The adjustable torque collar that is common in cordless drivers addresses this issue. SafeDrive™ is an electronic torque control that instantly stops the motor whenever the screw has reached ideal tightening, regardless of the size of the screw and the material of the work piece
BitLock™ is a fast motorized chuck that provides 50% more bit tightening torque compared to
conventional clutches. On top of this, it is equipped with a unique self-centering mechanism that avoids the common issue of the bit getting stuck in the jaws off center.
PulseAssist™ is a feature that provides a pulsed rotation. That allows drilling holes into hard surfaces such as ceramic tiles without having the drill bit slip around. It also makes drilling holes in metal pipes much easier. Finally, it allows driving out screws with a worn head, which would result impossible without this function.

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