With raaco ToolCase you get outstanding quality from top to bottom. The combination of new principles in design and construction, high-quality materials, end-to-end functionality and streamlined design ensures a sustainable solution that´s ahead of the pack.

The raaco ToolCase features tool panels – 1 or 2 detachable panels mounted in the lid and 1 permanent bottom panel. The lid panels are available in both single and double options and can be mixed and matched across the various product types: with the unique flexible Open ToolFix tool holders or open elasticised tool holders. The tray can be divided into small compartments using raaco Inserts or dividers.

Choose between a wide range of models in three different qualities: Basic, Premium and Superior. The Basic models are equipped with a solid aluframe while the Premium models feature double-frame construction for increased reinforcement and durability. The Superior model boasts a triple-frame construction for maximum reinforcement and durability.

The Premium and Superior models come in a practical trolley version with noise-reducing rubber wheels and 4-way telescoping handle for quiet, comfortable and secure transport

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