The L-BOXX design, which has been holisticly reworked is the designated evolution of the L-BOXX system, which is predominantly used as a modular mobility packaging system designed specifically for BOSCH Power Tools. For time saving and effortless transport the splash-proof and extremely robust BOXXes can be stacked and clicked together through the patented “Click ‘n Go” mechanism.
So on the construction site, the end-user / craftsman has everything immediately to hand with one walk from the vehicle to the place of use.

All design aspects provide a trendy appeal while enhancing efficient aspects for users as well as for manufacturing. E.g. new features such as convenient one-hand use; handling BOXXes and content in a stacked state have been integrated without compromising system compatibility. In addition, the weight reduction and the wearing comfort of the BOXXes are improved by constructive weight reduction while maintaining the load capacity

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