Gardenshed – Revolution! Garten[Q]pure :: More design and more functionality On the Garten[Q] the accessibility is transferred from the – mostly useless – inside to the outside. You can just open doors from several sides and take out whatever you need without any need for rearranging things All of the gardening tools stacked up, toys between lawn mower and barbecue. This situation has caused many of a family row. If you own a Garten[Q] instead, you have a garden shed that completely consists of compartments, shelfs and drawers. Just open the doors and take out whatever you need. The Garten[Q] can be adjusted individually just like a wardrobe or closet. Place your shelfs to include and store everything in a very space saving way. Because of the structured room up to the roof you can store as much as 4 times more as in any comparable garden shed. Additionally, in the urban areas where the yard sizes are getting smaller and smaller, there will be an increasing need for an intelligent concept for a space optimized storage of gardening tools. The Garten[Q] is completely maintenance-free and there is no need for painting any more. Quality made in Germany.

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