Every detail of the new pheos helmet system, consisting of a safety helmet, a visor and earmuffs, has been carefully thought through to deliver an advanced head protection solution. The unique magnetic lock system means parts click into each other easily. There are no tools needed for attaching or changing the mounting parts and the helmet does not need to be removed. This leads to a very simple handling, even with one hand, which saves time and increases safety. The visor can be locked above the helmet shell when not required, while the hearing protection can be folded back. Everything fits closely to the helmet and is perfectly balanced to allow maximum freedom of movement. The joint system designed to improve the helmets ergonomics, evenly distributes the weight of all attachments across the body’s centre of gravity. There is no unnecessary weight to strain the muscles of the neck, ensuring it can be worn for longer periods without causing fatigue. Pheos creates an additional benefit for the user at his daily work.

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