The SensePro are firefighting gloves with built-in electronics and sensors. A thermal sensor in the ring finger measures ambient temperature. An infrared sensor on the back of the glove enables remote measuring of temperatures of distant objects. The results of measurements can be visually checked in real time on a LED bar using standard signalling colours: green – orange – red. SensePro gloves help firefighters protect their own lives and health while they are saving the lives of others. Modern protective garments offer such high levels of protection that firefighters have lost perception of dangerous temperatures. The SensePro are the first gloves to restore thermal perception.
The whole system including the rechargeable battery is the first textile product to be ATEX-certified for explosive environments. The product is accompanied with an app to adjust user settings and to display the measurements.
Our new 3D ergonomic cut significantly improves dexterity and glove donning. The unique inner heat guard HiPro, patent pending, surpasses any thermal protection offered by other textile gloves for firefighters.

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