Both designed and manufactured in the UK, the Nexus is born of over 137 years of Centurion heritage. It’s been made to answer the issues of a rapidly changing market; diversifying standards across industries and continents, ergonomics and comfort, together with the need for stylish looks which is becoming a major factor in non-conformance to wearing PPE. The Nexus achieves a balance in form and function where its styling has been cleverly designed to provide both enhancements to strength and incorporation of a unique ventilation system which gives it the ability to cover three European standards. The modern looks set it well apart from the standard, bland designs in the market, bridging the gap between industrial and recreational head protection for the first time. To address the diverse standards across industry sectors, a modular design approach has been taken allowing the Nexus to be easily adapted to suit many types of jobs. This reduces the need for multiple helmets, and helps reduce waste where worn parts can be replaced as opposed to discarding the entire helmet

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