MukGuard is an innovative, reusable shoe cover, designed for professionals who regularly enter customers’ properties through their work. It was created in response to a huge gap in the market for a reusable shoe cover that protects property floors and provides continued safety benefits to the wearer. On entering a house, most tradespeople will either remove their safety footwear, leaving their feet vulnerable to falling objects and sharps underfoot; or put on plastic shoe covers that are too large causing a trip hazard, and have no slip resistance.
Coming in 7 sizes, MukGuard’s perfect fit to the shoe and tear-proof construction ensure that once on, it stays on; unlike the one-size disposable overshoe. Lab tested by SATRA on a range of surfaces, MukGuard is proven to be on average 75% more slip resistant than plastic overshoes; and provides an impressive 115% more grip on soapy ceramic (passing international SRA slip test). It’s also very durable, with tests on carpet and vinyl only seeing light wear after 50 miles. Independent testimonials report huge improvements in their customer feedback, their own safety, cost-in-use and the MukGuard’s ability to prevent dirt coming inside.

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