Smart Multi-Welding Helmet of max lightweight

Smart Multi Helmet which is available in various work sites as well as being used for welding or grinding operation. Provision of additional functions such as operational cumulation/alarm/timer necessary for the user’s operational situation and application of a Protective Cover of a curved surface to improve a Diffuse Reflection problem occurred on a conventional Protective Cover of a flat surface. In addition, improvement of product performance by applying a Heat Sink to resolve a problem that Lens Filter melt down by welding lights of high temperature.

Use of a Soft Pad to touch smoothly on the surface of user’s head and high elasticity frame to increase grip force and mitigate pressure and then increase comfortable fit by giving a buffer function. In addition, the Helmet is not being taken off despite movements and it is securing Ventilation Opening to drain sweat of contact surface and providing comfortable and pleasant feelings.

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