The IGS is an innovative new sole unit brought to the market after 3.5 years of research and development. The objective was to create the safest sole unit for use on multiple industry surfaces. V12 first analysed the causes of slips, trips and falls, before working with experts in safety testing, tyre technology, material compounds, ladder safety and even foreign object detection to address them.
The biggest killer in the construction industry is falls from height, so the IGS incorporates a recognised design specification new to the safety footwear industry: ladder grips with firefighter levels of safety (endorsed by SATRA). By analysing tyre technology, a rubber compound with optimum levels of durability and traction was developed, alongside patterns offering the best grip and water dispersal. Small hexagons provide multiple sharp edges to cut through liquid; and larger, self-cleaning lugs provide stability on chunkier terrains. Rugged splines at the heel and the toe prevent aquaplaning at 7 degrees (the angle at which most slips occur); and the tread has been designed for stability to prevent fragmentation: even the smallest foreign object can ground an aircraft.

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