The AIR+ Smart Mask sets a world new standard in protective mask with its world’s first attachable Micro Ventilator, delivering effective protection in a compact and aesthetically-pleasing form for consumers. It combines two products – an ergonomic protective mask designed in three sizes for superior fit (the Smart Mask) and the world’s first attachable Micro Ventilator (the AIR+) that eliminates the build up of heat, moisture and carbon dioxide trapped inside protective masks. The AIR+ Micro Ventilator maximizes comfort while wearing protective masks. It snaps onto the Smart Mask, transforming it into an advanced mask that extracts heat, moisture and accumulated carbon dioxide from within the mask while circulating cool and fresh air and keeping the mask comfortable even after prolonged use. Scientifically proven and rigorously tested, the AIR+ is rechargeable, reusable and easy to use. Certified to the highest international standards, the Smart Mask has been designed in 3 sizes for a well-sealed fit on the small faces of children aged 7yrs onwards and adults. Sizing is achieved through an integrated sizing gauge on the packaging.

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