The energy from the sun holds capacities that go far beyond the total energy needed all over the world. The PV Premium photovoltaic in-roof system is an innovative system which offers new possibilities for architecture in the field of solar energy. Instead of installing solar panels on top of the roof, the modules of this system replace the roof tiling and are integrated directly inside the roof surface. They seamlessly integrate with the rest of the tiling, lending the roof a harmonious and straightforward appearance. This innovative anthracite-coloured in-roof system is suitable for both refurbishing old buildings and installation in new buildings. Mounting is easy and self-explanatory, and the system is available for Tegalit roofs as well as the roof tile systems Frankfurter tile, Double-S and Taunus tile. One module replaces six tiles in width and one tile in height. The PV Premium photovoltaic in-roof system was tested and shown to be rainproof inside a wind tunnel and protects the roof even under extreme weather conditions. Its aesthetic appearance blends in with functional details such as a good back ventilation, which increases the efficiency of the system. Thus, it offers a wide variety of possibilities for naturally integrating solar technology into roof design – and yet another argument for using solar energy.

Sunny prospects

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