Various languages caused many difficulties in communication between people from different countries . The purpose of LeTrans is to reduce the barriers to language communication among peoples and reduce the misunderstanding .
LeTrans focus on intelligent voice services and deep learning technology, adopts the world-class Intelligent voice technology, combines with solution of IOT , thus realized the cross-language intelligent translation and guaranteed security and manageability . LeTrans supports more than 20 languages Interacts with a unique mother-son machine . The magnetic adsorption of the son-machine optimized to only a simple button concealed a inductive switch , it will immediately wake up and connect when it separated. It’s convenient and energy-efficient to communicate between two sides .
Its round appearance perfects for hand- holding . The design of simple and neat function key reduces wrong operation and relieves tension in communication . High-integrated design made it is convenient to carry , and support 8 hours of working time. LeTrans integrates with app, it can adjust language , meets the needs of different users in different scenarios .

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