The best scaffolding anchor of all times! isorocket.

Until now, a scaffolding bolt had only the function of fixing the scaffold to the wall. isorocket offers a decisive added value: durable facade protection for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS), ventilated facades and cavity walls. Already during the construction phase, small or major damage is caused to the facade by turning or removing a scaffolding bolt. With isorocket, the eyelet screw has no direct contact to the facade at any time. Damage and elaborate rework are thus excluded. As a so-called permanent anchor, isorocket remains permanently in the facade. In case of refurbishing work to the facade, the anchor can be reused as often as required without having to interfere or disturb the facade front. With its intelligent design and the patented component system, isorocket enables the perfect cooperation of all trades in facade construction. isorocket is the only permanent anchor corresponding to the DIN standard 4426 for masonry and concrete. It is also unrivaled with a wall thickness up to 400 mm.

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