PNS610 portable analyzer is designed for digital substation application. A novel concept is embedded in this product: it can be used as a multimeter in digital substations, instead of traditional rackmount recorders and heavy moveable equipments. Two 100M fiber Ethernet interfaces and two fiber serial ports are integrated in a small body, communicating with other devices. A micro-SD card is used to import user configuration and output recorded waveforms. This analyzer can stand on the desk by the bracing plate on the back, for freeing hands to operate other devices, while observing the signal analyzing result. There are tens of hidden ventilation holes on the top of the back plate, dissipating heat for increasing the stability of electrical components and circuits. A TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethanes) case is designed to cover the device shell for reducing damage, and the cut out part in the middle of the body makes user feel comfortable, when holding the analyzer for a long time experiment.

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