It is not only the uniqueness of combining top performance in the smallest space, but also the innovative design that is characteristic of the mini data loggers of MSR Electronics GmbH. The MSR145WD wireless data logger – designed for versatile measuring tasks in the fields of industry and science – consistently acts on the company’s maxim that functionality and design must not rule each other out. The transparent blue polycarbonate housing with rounded edges conveys to the beholder the dynamics of the high-end technology used and reflects the colours of the company’s corporate design. The centrepiece of the MSR145WD – consisting of a PCB with a processor, memory, sensors, as well as a battery and Bluetooth Low Energy technology – achieves a discreet appearance through the slight transparency of the selected material. A crystal clear OLED colour display, which is used to show data and graphical charts in a compact manner and allows the user to easily read measured values, has been elegantly integrated into the housing. Particular attention was focussed on the sturdiness, functionality and user-friendliness of the waterproof radio data logger of the latest generation.

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