MK550T is the best assistant for improving display technology and display quality
The advanced spectral technology provides customers with better chroma accuracy and chroma reproducibility. It also fully supports the GAMMA correction task from high to low luminance range precisely for most display products. MK550 Spectroradiometer helps customers achieve success and deliver the most realistic visual experience of a new display.

Providing wide-range sensor options for various needs
Offer different options of receptor sizes to users. It fulfills the measuring requirement of next generation of display: OLED display on the consumer electronic products, display on AR/VR products and even wearable devices.
Available Receptor Size: Φ 10mm / Φ 5mmΦ 4mm / Φ 3mm

One-stop Design
Connection to an additional heavy data analyzer or external sensor is unnecessary and inconvenient. MK550T is the innovative measuring solution that integrates multiple equipments into a portable device perfectly. What you see is what you get. The real-time measurement data can be obtained rapidly under a standalone operation.

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