MD100N spectroradiometer provides multi PC analysis software (uSpectrum/uFlicker) so users can customize the measuring list and analyze the big data simultaneously which simplifies workflow and speeds up work time.

Key parameters include Luminance, CIE xy, Yxy, u’/v’, GAMMA correction and White Balance Adjustment with adequate speed and high precision. It’s precisely suitable for the display measurement of LCD, LED BLU, OLED, MiniLED, microLED that applies to smartphone, TV, Microdisplay, AR/VR ( Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality) and even recommended wearable devices. Moreover, it can also be used in the panel production line.

Offer different options of receptor sizes to users. It fulfills the measuring requirement of next generation of display: OLED display on the consumer electronic products, display on AR/VR products, and even wearable devices.
Availabe Receptor Size: Φ 10mm / Φ 5mmΦ 4mm / Φ3mm

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