The DEWALT XP professional tape measure was designed with cues and elements that exemplify the strength and functionality of the product while always maintaining the visual design language of the DEWALT brand. The robust construction consists of a hi performance Hi Impact PC/ABS material matched with a medium durometer TPR shock zone to help reduce damage to the case during impact. The strong linear design lines combined with the 4 way cross structural cage design visually and physically relay to the end user the durability of the product.

Ergonomically the XP design is the smallest Premium 1 1/4″ tape measure available on the market with over 13 feet of blade “standout” This was accomplished using a proprietary new patented internal spring design that allows the use of world class higher end blade coatings and stronger wall construction to yield a more durable design. The blade locking mechanism is newly improved. It provides a smoother actuation of the lock feature and and easier release once again improving the ergonomic experience with the end user.

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