The show marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and celebrates the fashion legacy of the popular princess. Through the presentation of Diana’s most memorable garments, visitors experience the fascinating evolution of her unique style, that she developed together with world renowned fashion designers.

Each exhibition room is dedicated to a specific aspect of Diana’s fashion style and is designed with a specific atmosphere. The exhibition opens with an immersive ornate patterned installation evoking the perception of Diana as a fairy tale princess. Incorporeal mannequins were designed to emphasize the elegance and elaborate nature of the dresses, presenting them floating within the showcases. In the following spaces, selected gala dresses are presented in a theatrical setting giving prominence to her activities as a patron of the arts. The outfits she wore for diplomatic purposes are presented with each dress individually framed. In the final room a series of dresses highlight the glamour and confidence of Diana’s late style. Visitors are invited to reflect on her transformation from fairy tale princess to a world renowned fashion icon.

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