See and hear Manner

Josef Manner & Comp. AG with its headquarter in Vienna is among the top three in the Austrian confectionery market and best-known for their “Neapolitan wafers”. Manner’s brand identity is based on two historical pillars, the Viennese origin and the close bond to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, also used for the visual logo on the Manner product packaging.

The new sound logo expresses the brand identity of Manner within a few seconds. It consists of a six-tone melody played in pizzicato style by the contemporary Viennese violinist Katharina Engelbrecht followed by an original recording of the famous “Pummerin”, the bell of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The “Pummerin” stands for the cultural origin of Manner and the violin, as a significant instrument of the Viennese Classic, represents the acoustic color. The pizzicato style gives it a cheerful and delightful air and reactivates the original music of a Manner jingle used in the 70’s.

The sound logo is embedded at the end of Manner’s TV-spot and is presently being broadcasted in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary. Furthermore it can be heard on the internet and in the brand showroom.

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