Cursum Stroller has been adapted to the needs of wheelchair users. It can be fitted to a specific chair with one-time adjustments to the stroller’s frame. The stroller creates a tandem, which has a pivot point in the middle to allow the ensemble to run over small curbs. The handle functions as a leaver.

The stroller gives the parent free space in the lap, which improves comfort, safety and communication for the parent and child. Cursum Stroller can also be used separately by sliding down the rear wheels. This makes it possible for a walking partner to use the same stroller. With the press of a button on the outside of the handle, the baby seat can be lowered to accommodate the user’s line of sight. It can be raised and slid forward when the parent wants to pick up the child, allowing them to maintain their balance.

Cursum Stroller enables the wheelchair user to be more independent, while at the same time strengthening their relationship between with their child during the very precious first years of life.

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