Vodafone TV is Vodafone’s first and Germany’s only 4K-capable set-top box – a high definition format with four times the resolution of HDTV. It unifies live and time shifted TV and Video on Demand services within a distinctive design that celebrates approachability. Mandatory ventilation openings are utilized as characteristic design elements to bring the product even closer together with other Vodafone devices showing similar details. The minimalistic box features a Satellite- and IPTV-receiver, internet access and internal hard drive that enable any kind of access to potential content sources available. An easily accessible front USB allows a quick connection and playback of content from external devices.

The Vodafone TV remote control unit follows the design language of the Set-Top Box with a simple and approachable form factor. A lot of emphasis was placed in creating an ergonomic piece with a clear information hierarchy and dedicated button areas. Distinct texture differences between buttons and housing provide visual and haptic clarity, which helps to ensure precise navigation even in a dark environment. Material quality and gap distances can compete with much more expens

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