TV has to get better but remain simple
The Internet and the cloud are fueling a dramatic change in the TV market unraveling the Gordian knot between content and infrastructure. Vidmind’s platform enables new companies to become a TV operators and provide the end user with a novel but simple TV experience.
Set Top Box Design:
To design yet another clean box which is still distinct and iconic is a demanding design challenge.
We started with an intersection of two simple volumes and this minimal act achieved several goals.

1.It formed an iconic ring like shape, a kind of metaphorical reference to the “cloud” the technological foundation of the system.
2.A clearly defined central square is an effective solution for branding, color options and heat dissipation.

Remote Control Design:
The remote control functions as an air mouse,it is two-sided with Qwerty keyboard and is Android-compatible.
To achieve a similar visual clarity we turned the structure inside out. The rubber (keypad) part forms a seamless outer skin and the plastic enclosure is the inner structure. This approach optimized space for the elaborate button layout.

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