It’s time to upend console gaming. miniStation is a new game console for the TV and boldly communicate its unique UX. The ability to seamlessly transition the mobile game platform wirelessly to a large format home environment was ground-breaking and unique. Just plug into your TV and use your mobile-phone as a main control which is the most natural way for most Chinese to start their game life. All the games are free-to-play model which is created by Tencent game first. Multi play games is also the most popular function by taking advantage of the huge TV, so that you can share the happiness moments with your family or friends. The design is came from the concept of VOID, consists of a powerful, solid cube shape that is dramatically “void” of its center mass… an array of linear LED lights activates the inner core with expressive lighting effects as it magically passes and enhances the mobile game experience to the larger, more group-oriented format in the home. The boldness of the overall shape expresses the uniqueness of the product while the expressive inner core communicate the emotion of the gaming experience.

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