JmGO G1 is a smart home theatre which will redefine projector completely.Made of one single piece of high-strength magaluma, the top panel is the result of up to six rounds of CNC precision finishing and 81 processes, and the 70% mirror finishing keeps it shining as new all the time. It also helps greatly with the heat dissipation thanks to its excellent thermal conductivity, achieving the best cooling effect possible together.By designing the audio cavity with equilibrium partial pressure and stabilization, we effectively reduce the influence on the image and the overall stability. And four small long-stroke fully symmetrical speakers ensure perfect stereo acoustic effect at every corner with an evenly structured sound field.Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 enable G1 to be connected to your smart phone or Bluetooth music player even while it is off, turning it into a Bluetooth audio system. When G1 is on and connected with website, user can choose the movies,sports,variety etc. Exclusive videos in G1 internally resource library.

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